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This week I showed bookworms with books, pictures, and poems. Today I’m going to view a bookworm as most people think – a book lover. How do you know if you’re a bookworm? I made a list of possible bookworm traits. You don’t have to have each trait. Leave comments for additional bookworm characteristics.

1. People often find your nose in a book spending hours at the library or bookstore.
2. is bookmarked and frequently used when you can’t get to the library or bookstore.
3. Who cares about the next DVD release? When can I get the latest book release? 
4. Books are on your Christmas or birthday list. 
5. You’d rather read a book than watch television. 
6. You argue that the books are always better than any movie based off a book. 
7. You get a thrill when you open the book for the first time and feel its pages with the promise of a next favorite. 
8. You smile when you see children reading rather than playing video games or watching television. 
9. You cringe when you see watermarks, torn pages, and vandalism to books. 
10. It’s normal to leave the house with some reading material. 
11. It’s not a vacation unless you have a supply of books. (If not, you can always visit the town’s bookstore.)
12.You listen to more audio books than the car radio. 
13. You dish out recommendations and welcome any in return. 
14. You constantly add books to your to-read list. 
15. You stay up past midnight to finish a great book. 
16. After you finished the great book, you wish you slowed down to savor it. 
17. You imagine meeting your favorite book characters. 
18. You’d like to jump into your favorite book to fully experience it. 
19. You don’t have enough shelves to hold all your books. 
20. You analyze and discuss books with fellow bookworms. 
21. You look forward to school and library book sales. 
22. You ‘browse’ books in a bookstore and come back each week.
23. You read The New York Times’ Bestseller List for new books to read. 
24. You have a bookstore membership for book rewards.
25. Rainy days are good reading weather days. 
26. You enjoy any reading, even what some consider ‘junk mail’.
27. You feel lost without a book to read. 
28. You love hearing stories read to you. 
29. A long flight, car ride, or train journey is the perfect time to read a book. 
30. You keep a journal of the books you’ve read and plan to read. (record books on goodreads)
31. You remember quotes and passages from your favorite books. 
32. You compare individuals to characters in your book. 
33. You have an endless supply of bookmarks and battery replacements for book lights. 
34. You’re not afraid to laugh or cry while reading. 
35. You read the book that made you laugh or cry again. 
36. You spread the word to everyone to read a book. 
37. You take literary trips that connect to your book. (Blog post about a children’s literature tour in New York, abroad a train for Agatha Christie’s Orient Express, visit Forks, Washington, for Twilight, explore Concord, Massachusetts,  for Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, or even visit Hogwarts at Universal Studios)
38. You cook dishes similar to foods in books. (Blog that relates books and food)
39. You try skills and hobbies as characters in books.
40. You’re sadden when bookstores and libraries close. 
41. You have difficulties picking just one favorite book. 
42. You know that reading will never die, even with more e-readers and technology. 
43. You feel bad for those who don’t enjoy a good book. 
44. You wish you could talk to the author after finishing a book. 
45. You attend book signings and author discussions. 
46. You know that reading is your ticket to anywhere your heart desires. 

5 thoughts on “Bookworm Traits

    egprobs said:
    October 8, 2011 at 10:29 am

    I just popped in to award you this.

    No obligation to pass it on – but display it with pride.

      Caroline responded:
      October 8, 2011 at 10:32 am

      Thanks, are there rules involved?

    […] blogger is in the URL ‘passion 2 read’ – after they liked my Comfort post… Bookworm Traits I think that 46 traits is probably too much for one hit but here it […]

    Cedric de Alicoque said:
    October 10, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Based on your own experience, I presume. I liked it!

      Caroline responded:
      October 10, 2011 at 8:25 pm

      Yes, it’s partly my own experience. 🙂 I tried to make a general list of how others would also fit, but it got rather long. I don’t even have those traits. Thanks for your comment.

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