Book Review: Calico Cat Meets Bookworm

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Calico Cat Meets Bookworm

written & illustrated by Donald Charles

Ages 4-6, 31 pages

This is the story about Calico Cat who has nothing to do until he meets Bookworm who introduces the wonder of books and the library. The book explores different stories that Calico Cat enjoys, such as stars, sailing ships, far away lands, clowns, and trains. Bookworm explains all those stories and more can be found at the library. Calico Cat Meets Bookworm was published in 1978, so people may not be aware of this book. My copy from the library was in the main stacks that wasn’t checked out often. I think this is a shame, because it’s a simple book that gets to the heart of books and reading. The last page gives a check list how to use the library: I know where the easy books are kept. I am quiet and orderly. I handle books with care. I know how to borrow and return books. You’ll probably have to buy this book through an outside seller, such as on ebay or half priced books. Cross your fingers that your library has the book.

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