Sour Patch Kid vs. Gummi Bear

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I destroyed some of my taste buds while eating sour patch kids. You know the candy that begins tart and sour then changes to sweetness. (Of course, you also can’t forget the annoying commercials with the weird sour patch kids who are ‘sour’ to begin with then their behavior turns ‘sweet’ at the end.) Sure it wasn’t a terrible taste or too unpleasant, but it took awhile before I tasted the sweet taste. Finally, I felt happiness when my taste buds were relieved and I tasted the sweetness. I love gummi bears, so it made me think about how those candies compare to life.

Are you more of a sour patch kid who’s ready for challenges (tartness) to then enjoy pure pleasures (sweetness) in life? Or are you always a gummi bear who doesn’t feel the desire to boldly face challenges and instead are already satisfied with the present circumstances? At times, roles need to be adjusted. Sour patch kids may need to step back to enjoy life now instead of striving forward. Gummi bears may need to taste the tartness and prepare for struggles. Of course, the bag  mixes and we’re both sour patch kids and gummi bears whether we like it or not. So, which do you identify yourself more: someone ready to conquer the tartness or someone who loves the soft sweetness now? Explore the full range of  ‘taste’ in life: sweet, salty, bitter, and sour.

If you’re always a sour patch kid, don’t worry taste buds grow back in about 10 days. It’s a misconception that each taste is in a separate region of the tongue. Ah, perhaps our ‘tastes’ in life mingle together with challenges and pleasures at the same time. Here’s more information about the fascination of taste buds:









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