Owl arrives to enter Pottermore

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Something very wonderful and magical happened today. After waiting weeks I received my ‘owl’ (email) that my Pottermore account is ready to enter. I was one of the lucky million to give feedback on the site that gives new insight into the Harry Potter books. It really is quite amazing. J. K. Rowling includes personal information behind the story and how she created the ideas. You’re taken along a journey through the entire series. Individuals, such as myself, provide feedback as to how they think the site will be even better when it’s open to everyone in October. I think it just opened, since I received my registration on the first day, July 31st. If you’re not one of the lucky few then you will surely be delighted when you enter later.

The magical world of Pottermore is now just a click away.

by J.K. Rowling

Before you step into the exciting world of Pottermore, we’d like to welcome you as one of the first million people to be granted access. You are being invited in early to help shape the experience and ensure that it is as magical as it can be for the full launch in October.

Pottermore builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books, allowing you to read and share exclusive content from J.K. Rowling, visit Diagon Alley, get sorted into a house, cast spells and mix potions to help your house compete for the House Cup. All we ask is that you let us know what you like and if there’s anything you think would make Pottermore even better.

I'd love to hear from you! Have a great day!

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