The wonder of mod podge

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My inspiration for today’s post is from two sources: an empty orange juice container and this week’s photo challenge (flowers). I thought to myself, ‘Hmm I’ve got an empty orange juice jug and it looks like I can do something with it’. If you haven’t already been a fan of the wonder of Mod Podge then you are missing out. It’s basically a heavy glue used to finish projects, photo collages, stick puzzle pieces together, and more. I’ve mod podged clipboards, glass, picture frames, small containers, and now an orange juice jug.

The process is simple. Take your items (photos, magazine clippings, etc.) and apply where you’d like them then apply a top coat to hold in place and water seal.

Project includes:  empty & dry container,  mod podge, bowl or plate to put mod podge on,  brush or foam bristle,  tissue paper, and newspaper to work upon



The tissue paper was applied on the container. I then put a heavy coat on the entire project. Don’t be worried it should appear white. It will dry clear. I usually let it dry for a day before I do anything else.

This is the final result with bright artificial flowers. The craft is easy and fun. The entire project, including the orange juice, was about $15.


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