Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

This week’s photo challenge is movement. I struggled with this topic at first, since anyone can take a photo of a fast-moving car or person running. I looked back to my photo collection and picked photos from my Alaskan trip. Movement can be fast, sudden, or relatively slow. I took these photos near Glacier Bay National Park (I think.) and the highlight was watching chunks of the glacier fall into the water while on the cruise ship. We didn’t know when the splash would happen, but it was exciting.

A lone boat slowly moving through the water with ice pieces.

A bird flies through the air.


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24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  1. I’ve been to Glacier Bay National Park, and these rivers of ice are amazing! Nice take on the theme.

  2. Best movement I have seen !!!

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  6. Love these photos – Lord willing, we want to go there someday.

  7. wow!! It’s an amazing colour too! Great shots.

  8. Stunning photography!

  9. Your creative interpretation of the theme is excellent. In a world that is so fast paced… it is comforting to know that slow movement can be appreciated. Thank you…

    • Yes, the world now moves so fast with technology gadgets to new cars. I wanted to think of something unique for the idea of movement. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Beautiful – the colors in the ice are spectacular!

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  12. Stunning photos… I Like it… :)

  13. wonderful – & awesome, actually. In the real sense of the word.

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