Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

This week’s photo challenge is arranged. I took these vibrant photos of arranged fruit inside a store. Everything looks so perfect and in order that the customer needs to carefully pick the right fruit without a mess. 

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24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. Rebekah

    I really like these shots!

  2. Gorgeous color….and nicely arranged :)

  3. Whoo, love the colours! Aren’t fruits gorgeous? :-)

  4. These are so colorful and they all look delicious. Together, they make a beautiful combination.

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  6. Northern Narratives

    Great photos. I would be very careful so nothing falls apart if I touched them :)

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  8. these displays are so attractive, all the beauty of fruit and vegetables displayed :)

  9. How absolutely gorgeous :-)

  10. The apples look very good. Great shots! Thanks for the ping back! Have a nice day! :)

  11. They are all nice. I like the green apples.

  12. They look so tempting and yummy!

  13. I love the vibrant colours.

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