Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Here is the first weekly photo challenge for 2012. I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t be continued, since there’s no longer a postaday/week 2011. These are not inspirational photos to launch you into the new year, instead the photos remind you to be cautious before you launch yourself into traffic. I took the photos while in Beijing and Shenyang. I honestly don’t think anyone followed traffic laws. I found myself closing my eyes at times.

People really know how to get around in a bike.

Add some wet snow and the traffic is even more fun.

I took this photo standing on a walkway bridge and saw a few accidents or close calls.

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49 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

  1. this is fun, well … scarey fun, and a great interpretation!

  2. wow, and I think being a passenger when my dad drives is a serious health risk, this is way worse!

  3. Incredible! Hope you weren’t driving when you closed your eyes :)

  4. I love your entry for this week theme Caroline :)

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  8. to launch into the traffic or not to launch, that seems the question here :-)

  9. Images that reminds me of how it was driving around the Philippines. No seat belts, no traffic lights, anything goes. And yes, you have to brace yourself before launching to a street of craziness. But I guess we all adapt. I’ve seen more accidents in the U.S. freeway than on the streets of no rules. Exciting and thrilling post! Have a great weekend….

    • Perhaps those individuals are more prepared for disaster, since anything can happen and it often seems crazy. In the U.S., people are more concerned about talking on cell phones. Oh well. Thanks for your comment!

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  11. Nice interpretation..enjoyed it :)

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  14. Wow – this might actually be worse than the traffic circle at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Great post!

  15. Northern Narratives

    Great idea for launch.

  16. Caroline, thanks for dropping by at my site. :)

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  21. After your accident photo, I’m glad not to launch into driving on that road…
    great entry!

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  24. Amar Naik

    nice interpretation

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  27. thirdhandart

    Looks very scary. Great entry!

  28. oh wow, incredible traffic!
    thanks for sharing

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  31. I think I am dizzy from the thought of travelling on those roads… wow..

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  33. that is a very different take on the topic……look before you leap(launch) …nice idea. thanks for liking my post too.

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